It’s been a busy week!  A poetry reading on Saturday, then a TV performance on Sunday, and we shot a video on Tuesday.

Saturday November 3, 2018

I did a poetry reading at a North Hollywood Theatre on Saturday.  It was really fun!  And funny!  There were two comic poets who were really a gas!  I was cracking up.

The featured poet and I hung out for a while before the reading.  We discussed “themes of poets.”  She said, “In eight years I’ve been heading a poetry group, I haven’t noticed poets having themes.  They are just collections of their experiences.”

I performed before the featured poet and pointed out that I had unintentionally had a “theme for the day” because my two poems both had the word “dreams” in the title.  I read okay.  I think I was a little nervous.  Actually, I was a little nervous and it makes me rush a little bit.  I remember holding myself back like a horse headed for the barn.  I read: “Dreams and Ambitions of a Gentleman” written on 9-11-2018; and “Field of Dreams” written a few weeks ago.  Both of these poems will be in my newest, just started poetry book.  I have given it a tentative title of Home.

When the featured poet performed, she grouped her poems into “themes” and pointed it out to the audience.  I think it gave her an easier character performance as she was very animated and was a professional dancer.  She performed really cool and earned some long applause for several poems.

Sunday November 4, 2018

Oscar Barrera accompanied me, Richard Del Connor “The Philosopher Poet,” to the LA Talk Radio show on Sunday.  Pink Lady invited me to be interviewed on her Pink Lady Presents show.  It’s a show featuring ‘active seniors.’  The lady before me was SUPER ACTIVE:  She was 80 years old and has been doing Tang Soo Do Karate for the past 30 years.  She looked great!  She looked better than most 60-year-olds.

We also met a guy from a parapsychology organization.  I have already been communicating by text and email with him.

I performed “Starting Over Again” on flute to start my show.  Then I read the poem, “Dreams and Ambitions of a Gentleman.”  Then we talked about my life in Newfoundland and my novel, Masonic Kung Fu.  It was fun and way too short.  I will probably perform again on her show in  a few months.

Tuesday November 6, 2018

As Richard Del Connor I am the producer-director-writer of the courses and videos of the Shaolin Chi Mantis ONLINE SCHOOL at

As Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang I am the founder-teacher-writer of the classes and curriculum of Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Kung Fu & Tai Chi Chuan.

Oscar Barrera would normally have been a student in the class, but today he was the cameraman.  We shot in the shade so the images of us are dark.  We shot near the intersection of Magnolia Blvd. and Tujunga Blvd. so we got plenty of road noise and an overhead jet.  Still, we could hear me talking and with some color correction we may be able to make it look better.  Most importantly, we have THE FIRST VIDEO of 188 videos I will make in the upcoming months.

Scott Karahadian was a good student dressed in his black Chinese Kung Fu uniform.  I was wearing a Shaolin Chi Mantis black school T-shirt with the mantis logo on the back and over the heart in front.  I hung a couple of Chinese scrolls on the tree for a bit of a traditional atmosphere.  It was awesome.  I wanted the whole class in one take… including the water breaks.  We had to do a quick insert after we’d saluted out because I forgot to do any bookwork.  I didn’t want to give anyone the wrong impression that this Kung Fu school was like any Karate school: bookwork is required of every semester.