poetry book: I’m Not Homeless — I’m Domestically Challenged by Kung Fu Cowboy

 Kung Fu Cowboy and BearBook Published by Shaolin Communications
Kung Fu Cowboy and Bear

New poetry book by Kung Fu Cowboy:
I’m Not Homeless – I’m Domestically Challenged

Kung Fu Cowboy 1954.

Kung Fu Cowboy has been writing poetry since he was a wee little rascal. Born in San Diego, California, he has enjoyed writing in all the styles and restrictions of poetry from haiku to 10,000 word epic poems. Focusing mostly on writing lyrics for his music, KFC has been pumping out from 12 to 20 finished songs per year and another 40 or more poems since 1969.

Since 1969, when he started writing rock and roll songs, Kung Fu Cowboy has been styling his poetry into lyrics that were personal, thematic, sometimes moralistic, but usually easy to understand without many complex words. This “People Poetry” style makes his lyrics more poetic and his poetry more lyrical. Each writing format has influenced the other into a fun-to-read style of poetry and philosophical slogans.

In 1980 KFC began Kung Fu lessons with Sifu Douglas Wong, founder of the White Lotus Sil Lum school in Panorama, California.  This was Southern Style Chinese Kung Fu of the 5 Family Style and 5 Animals Style.  Grandmaster Ark Wong was teaching this in Chinatown.  “I drove to the Ark Wong school hoping to meet him in 1983.  He was there and I bought a spear from him.  That makes that spear special.  I remember him handing it to me…

Same in 1982 when I went to San Francisco just to buy a Chinese saber from Sifu Brendan Lai.  He’s Praying Mantis Kung Fu also — so I really wanted to meet him.  That saber is still special to me because I bought it from Sifu Brendan Lai.

Kung Fu Cowboy with Chinese double sabers.

Kung Fu Cowboy demonstrates how to cure flatulence.

That’s what is so beautiful about Kung Fu.  It’s not about boxing or cutting people’s arms off.  It’s physical poetry in motion.  I like that expression.  I think I’ll use it again.  When we leave a Kung Fu class in North Hollywood, my students are all very happy and smiling and feeling good.  If I had to kick and punch them even once a week — they would not be so happy… and they would limp… and they wouldn’t be able to jump as high… so see!  Kung Fu is not about pummeling and pounding on each other’s bodies.  It’s about having fun!