philosophy book: 12 Laws For A Meaningful Life by Richard Del Connor

12 Laws For A Meaningful Life

Inspired by the book, 12 Rules of Life by Dr. Jordan Peterson, this book 12 Laws For A Meaningful Life goes far beyond the observations of Dr. Peterson to provide actual exercises and ideas to enlarge the plans and goals of the reader.

Pulling from his experience teaching Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan to persons of all ages since 1984, Richard Del Connor has a wealth of experience dealing with the self-improvement of disabilities, drug addiction, suicide prevention, obesity, many health disorders and agoraphobia.

These years of research training hundreds of students has led Richard, known to his Shaolin Kung Fu students as “Buddha Zhen,” to be known as a “BUDDHIST SCIENTIST.”

“I apply Buddhism to people and see its effects,” explains Buddha Zhen.  “A piece of information can enlighten one person and be dis-interesting to another.  So I’ve also learned what Buddhist medicine works for certain conditions in certain kinds of people seeking seeking certain types of goals.”

There are THREE PHILOSOPHIES that Richard Del Connor employs to improve the world (and the people in it):

  1. Zen Buddhism (Chinese Chan Buddhism–the original Zen Buddhism) plus Original Buddhism.
  2. Taoism (the philosophies without the ceremonies), which teach about balancing with Nature (reality).
  3. Confucianism–which is all the best ways for humans to behave socially and become smarter.

These three philosophies combined with THREE DISCIPLINES:

  1. Northern Shaolin Kung Fu (from Songshan and Shandong Chinese Buddhist Temples).
  2. Tai Chi Chuan (primarily Yang Style, plus techniques from all other Tai Chi Chuan styles).
  3. Praying Mantis Kung Fu (to scare students from ever using their self-defense)

All these Oriental philosophies are then taught by Richard “Kung Fu Cowboy”:

  1. Musician since age 5.  1959: piano, 1963: trombone, 1966: guitar, 1970: opera tenor, 1971, bass guitar, 1975: flute, 1994: pipa and Chinese flutes, 2007: drums.
  2. Poet since age 8.
  3. Scientist since age 10.
  4. Novelist since age 30.
  5. Married at age 32.
  6. Mr. Mom since age 37.
  7. Founder of Shaolin Chi Mantis age 38.
  8. Founder of Tai Chi Youth nonprofit age 42.
  9. Founder of Buddha Kung Fu school age 54.

Which means Richard has a unique interpretation and wide variety of applications for his knowledge and enlightenment.  From the homeless to Hollywood movie and music persons: he has asked more questions than most people and offered more help and suggestions than most people.  His life value is the wealth of experiences and lifestyles he has lived, endured and emerged from.

“I enjoy helping people.  Now that I am creating websites and books and videos to help people, I am realizing my life mission to ‘Make the world a better place.'”

This book 12 Laws For A Meaningful Life works.  This information has been road tested on hundreds of students and friends.  Use what suits you and look for new perspectives in the book to enlarge your world and improve your reality.

This book 12 Laws For A Meaningful Life will IMPROVE THE WORLD when enough people read it.