About Kung Fu Cowboy

Richard Del Connor Kung Fu Cowboy in Stetson cowboy hat.

Kung Fu Cowboy in Stetson

Kung Fu Cowboy has always been a cowboy. Raised by an Arizona prospector and a research biologist, KFC has always been an outdoors adventurer… wearing a cowboy hat.

Buddha Zhen starting at Tai Mantis Federation.

Richard Del Connor during first year at Tai Mantis Federation practicing Southern Style.

When he started Kung Fu classes in 1980, he didn’t realize he would become the hero he idolized, Kwai Chang Caine of the Kung Fu television series starring David Carradine.  Kung Fu Cowboy enrolled in Kam Yuen’s Tai Mantis Federation in Redondo Beach, California, and ended up learning from David Carradine’s Kung Fu Master.  KFC eventually surpassed his hero to complete the entire system of Tai Chi Chuan, Shaolin Kung Fu, and Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu in 1984.

Rhino Staging where Kung Fu Cowboy worked.

Rhino Staging logo from Kung Fu Cowboy shirt.

In 2012 he began working for Rhino Staging and travelling from Las Vegas to San Diego to work concerts such as Motley Crue.  During a 2012 concert at the Cricket Amphitheater near the Mexican border: Kung Fu Cowboy was stung IN THE NECK by a small tan scorpion.  His workmate Chris pulled it off him with a pair of pliers.  Proudly Chris held it in front of KFC with its legs wriggling and tail striking out fiercely.

It took about an hour, but when Kung Fu Cowboy’s left leg went numb… he knew he was in trouble.

Kung Fu Cowboy was ready to return to Los Angeles and pursue his movie career… with a cane…

They co-wrote the screenplay Kung Fu Cowboy: Rock & Roll Movie 1.  This screenplay earned a “Best Screenplay Award” at the 2013 Action On Film Movie Festival.  (The only competition they entered the screenplay so far.)

Kung Fu Cowboy and Bear

Kung Fu Cowboy and Bear