Chopper by Kung Fu Cowboy

Artwork by Damien Hunter

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Flute Singer

Kung Fu Cowboy in NoHo.

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Kung Fu Cowboy & A Cat Named Bear

Travelling in Burbank, California.

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Kung Fu Cowboy has been reading his book, I’m Not Homeless  I’m Domestically Challenged, for his YouTube Channel: Kung Fu Cowboy.

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Album cover of END OF THE LINE by American Zen.

American Zen album, END OF THE LINE featuring Kung Fu Cowboy.

End of the Line by American Zen is hitting the charts and anything else it can run into.  This runaway train of a record was recorded in Tacoma Studios, while Kung Fu Cowboy was travelling as a stagehand.

Kung Fu Cowboy has just finished his poetry book, I’m Not Homeless — I’m Domestically Challenged. The book will be published this year.  Available at Shaolin Communications.


Kung Fu Cowboy attack
Kung Fu Cowboy 1954.

Kung Fu Cowboy with big head ready for first Stetson cowboy hat.

Kung Fu Cowboy has been writing poetry since he was a wee little rascal. Born in San Diego, California, he has enjoyed all the styles and restrictions of poetry from haiku to 10,000 word epic poems. Focusing mostly on lyrics for his music, KFC has been pumping out from 12 to 20 finished songs per year and another 40 or more poems.

Since 1969, when he started writing rock and roll songs, Kung Fu Cowboy has been styling his poetry into lyrics that were personal, thematic, sometimes moralistic, but usually easy to understand without many complex words. This “People Poetry” style makes his lyrics more poetic and his poetry more lyrical. Each writing format has influenced the other into a fun-to-read style of poetry and philosophical slogans.