8 Levels of American Zen

Punk Rock CoyoteThe Coyote
Los Angeles

The grand prize was a 20 minute live radio show performance.

When THE RICH were informed they'd won the San Diego battle of the bands contest, they'd already moved to Venice Beach, California where they lived a few houses away from the V13 headquarters on Broadway. (Coyote thought they were shooting firecrackers off... they were drive-by shootings from the rival gang, The Crips.)

Coyote with Alvarez

This is the song that won the KPRI battle of the bands contest, "The Pauper." It was written in 1977 and recorded in 1978 in San Diego on a 16-track Stevens 2" tape recorder...

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"The Pauper" by The Rich 1978: Free Coyote Song

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Coyote with 1957 Rickenbacker 4000 bass


This is one of the songs from the 20-minute KPRI radio show, "Hello Again."

FREE SONG (128kb mpg)
"Hello Again"
by The Rich 1978: Free Coyote Song
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Alien pod by CoyoteThen in 1979? we returned from the premiere opening of the movie ALIEN starring Sigourney Weaver? This song, "Aliann" is about the little alien baby jumping out of John Hurts' chest and running off screaming...

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"Aliann" by The Rich 1978: Free Coyote Song
Song lyrics: That's Coyote screaming like an alien...
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Also titled, HALLOWEENIn 1979 or 1980 I wrote this song about our original guitarist in THE RICH. This is the band that performed from 1980 into 1981 at any Los Angeles gig that existed back then. Vincent Lauria "Vincenzo" on guitar. Bill Stewart "Billy Basher" on drums. Richard Del Connor "The Raunch" on bass and lead vocals.

FREE SONG (128kb mpg)
"Damn The Man"
by The Rich 1980: Free Coyote Song
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Oh yeah. Here's another punker for you. This was written in 1980 about my fellow punkers in other bands. We stopped billing ourselves as punk rock because we didn't like being spit on. Seriously. The more they liked you the more logeys you got. Sometimes they threw beer bottles... that were full... I'd kick them offstage... We had to have a bodyguard to get in and out of the clubs, especially in Chinatown where the Chinese gangs would beat you up in the parking lot and take your guitars.

Bands like The Clash and Sex Pistols would spit back at the audience... We kinda went NEW WAVE in 1980 by adding some reggae arrangements to our songs. Capitol Records chose The Knack over The Rich and then we added a horn section to our band.

Coyote's amp stacksThis song is dedicated to my new San Diego neighbors Ryan and Matt who got all excited when they found out I was one of the original West Coast Punk Rockers. This song, "Billy Boy," and "On The Streets," were written about my punker buddies and their self-destruction on...

Coyote and his RickyKung Fu Cowboy Album


June 9, 2010

LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy

King Solomon's Temple


 1.  Kung Fu Cowboy   Free Coyote Song
            This is the first song I ever recorded in ProTools back in 2002? I was still recovering from the Black Widow spider bite and downloaded the FREE version of Protools 5. It was only an 8-track program so I decided to fill up the tracks with the tongue-clicks for percussion. Some of those original tongue-clicks and acoustic and vocals are on this song. I added more to when I started this album project. Little did I know it would be the title song of this album, back when I wrote this song.

          I have a really cool music video planned for this...Cowboys around a campfire...

This will be where we jump back in time to KING SOLOMON'S TEMPLE.

 2.  Boy and King poem

 3.  Spirit Gun

 4.  A Lucky Man

 5.  33 Bass Players poem  Free Coyote Song

 6.  My Life Belongs To Me

 7.  Elaine

 8.  Christmas Is

 9.  Dear Lara poem

10.  You're Lazy

11.  You'll Find Me

12.  Flintridge Fire

13.  From Within

14.  Horses and Harleys

15.  King Solomon's Temple Penny Whistle

16.  Hiram Abif

17.  Kill The SpiderFree Coyote Song
          This song was written back in the 1970s. I can't even remember what girl or girls inspired it. My band was called THE RICH, and we lived in Venice, California, at that time.

          I discovered this song in my music lyrics, after recovering from the black widow spider bite. I figured out how to play it to amuse my kids. They really liked it. It's a lot of fun to play. Here's an acoustic performance of it at a Tujunga house concert:

of Coyote's Alvarez Acoustic

Jarrod Weinstein captured this SOLO COYOTE SHOW.
"Kill The Spider" performed live.

18.  I've Been Thinkin'



The Chinese believe that people are divided into 3 basic levels:

  1. Warrior Athlete
  2. Scholar Warrior
  3. Spiritual Warrior

The first LEVELS of American Zen are:

  1. LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind
  2. LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer
  3. LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me
  4. LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy

This is a spiritual evolution of an American ROCK BAND, featuring The Hippy Coyote and produced by Richard Del Connor

What LEVEL of LIFE are you on?

Visit www.americanZEN.org to find out.
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